A downloadable game for Windows

This is a video puzzle game.

Inspired by: void sandwich

Music:  Kai Engel

Videos: klimkin

Pictures:  pineapplelove :)Aleksandr Slobodianyk,  Jakub NovaceKarol D



PiecesWin64.zip 193 MB


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This was a truly innovative use of the jigsaw puzzle genre, and I believe that like many others, I've never seen video snippets as simple puzzle pieces instead of simple pictures or photos. This rethinking of the concept in conjunction with the story intrigued me and prompted me to include your game in our compilation article about the Butterscotch ShenaniJam  2018. :) One minute of gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video; I hope that more people will try it out this way. <3 Good job, keep it up!

Best wishes,

Very interesting - I don't think I have actually played an animated "jigsaw" puzzle before. It's also cool how after completing a puzzle you get to see the full text. Overall a very nice game with a bit of artistic feel to it. We'd be glad to have your game enter our Game Development World Championship!

Don't skip this one, I'm glad I didn't!